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About Kosher Restaurants Philadelphia

I have decided to create Kosher Restaurants Philadelphia website to help all you Kosher Philly fressers stay updated about what is going on in Philadelphia. I grew up in Philadelphia.  Ten years ago I decided to eat a strict Kosher diet . Since then, I have moved to New york but return to Philadelphia every couple weeks to visit my family and friends.  I have always had the same problem- “Where are all the Kosher restaurants around here….?”

So, here you have it at your fingertips. I have taken the time to gather every bit of information I could find to compile a list of all the kosher restaurants located in good ol’ Philadelphia: restaurant info, menu, kosher supervision, location and hours of operation and basically every detail a hungry Jew or kosher seeker would need to know when dining Kosher in Philadelphia.

My promise is that I will follow up and update this site on a daily basis and keep you informed.  I will be posting any new restaurant that opens and I will try to get coupons and deals that you can enjoy.

I hope you will find this website helpful.  Feel free to contact me  with any questions or remarks.