Kosher Grill in Philadelphia

Looking for a Kosher Grill in Philadelphia?

After searching for a Kosher Restaurant in Philadelphia, I finally found something centrally located perfect for me and my family. I often visit Philadelphia and find myself eating way to many boiled eggs or store bought salads laden with mayonnaise and who knows what. But, it says Kosher!

So, I often find myself hungry and frustrated because I have a hard time finding a kosher restaurant that is close, clean and provides a warm friendly atmosphere that I would actually want to be part of. After all, dining out should be an experience and not just a means to an end – which would be to fill our stomachs.

First of all, I must say the word CLEAN. That in itself builds my appetite for a fine kosher meal. The place is organized, the bathrooms are strategically placed in the back of the restaurant and are far removed from tables and counter. The tables are set wide enough so that you don’t feel like you are sitting on top of each other or at someone else’s table and the place is well-lit and spacious. Click here for more info

You can feel the Moroccan culture by looking at the orange painted walls with hanging copper bells and cool-looking trinkets that are nice to look at. If you just feel like spacing out, then raise you eyes and of course thank Hashem first- but then, enjoy some Israeli TV.

Now that I have set the stage, let’s talk about this kosher restaurant located in the heart of Northeast Philly. I enjoyed an authentic Kosher dining experience that was both satisfying and delicious. We ordered the falafel, soup and a few side dishes. It was fresh and best of all came with sides that I am always craving, the pickled vegetables, amba sauce (the fermented mango sauce) and my personal favorite – charif – I just love spice and they made a nice concoction of jalapeno delight. The pita is fresh and Hamotzi and the sides were all really nice minus the chatzillim which really needs to be grilled to perfection. I still have yet to master it myself but I know if when I see it. Desert was okay, they really need to work on it, but again sugar and chocolate just doesn’t cut it for me. I need the experience.

So all in all, Judah’s Mediterranean Kosher Grill in Philadelphia is a great dining spot for Kosher Food and is really worth a visit. Get More Info

Kosher Grill in Philadelphia

Kosher Grill in Philadelphia





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